Yuhuan Chunhui Axle Co., Ltd.

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A successful company cannot do without outstanding enterprise culture.
Service concept: all depend on satisfying of customers’ reasonable demands
Behavioral norms: seeking for honesty in being a man; seeking for preciseness in doing a deed
Operation tenet: sincere cooperation, wholehearted services
Operation concept: perpetual persistent to mutual reciprocity, mutual benefit and joint advancement
Company vision: it will endeavor to create higher values for employees and customers
Company behavioral norm: cooperation with integrity, seeking for win-win, stabilized operation, sustainable improvement of corporate values, persistent to commitment, provision of outstanding services to customers, showing care to employees, synchronous growth of employees and the company
Behavioral norm for employees: continuous learning, highly-efficient work, devotion to post, observation of discipline, respect to others, frank communication, compliance to the overall situation, and loyalty to companies
Guided by the enterprise spirit, our team diligently marches ahead, makes all-out struggles, vigorously seeks for innovation and joins us for mutual advancement in a bid to forge the brand into an outstanding brand in the field.